Dry ice service in delhi
AMS Dry Ice,Service Importance and Benefits of Dry Ice and Dry Ice Cleaning Service

Importance and Benefits of Dry Ice and Dry Ice Cleaning Service

Dry ice service in delhi

Over the years, dry ice has become a common agent which is used in various industries for different purposes. Dry ice was initially used in science laboratories for different purposes in scientific experiments. However, gradually dry ice service expanded to industrial and commercial use. Dry ice is now commonly used as a cooling and freezing agent by restaurants, laboratories, car service centers, etc. 

Find out more about dry ice and its applications below!

What is Dry Ice? Dry ice

Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide that sublimes into a gas when heated. It does not turn into a liquid but directly transforms into a gas state from its solid state. Dry ice does not have any colour or odor and is not very toxic. When added to water, carbonic acid is generated creating a fog-like smoke.

How is dry Ice Created? 

Dry ice is created by liquefying carbon dioxide and then freezing it at a temperature of -78 degrees Celsius. This process is called deposition. When dry ice changes to gas on heating, it does not leave any residue behind. Hence, it makes it easier to use dry ice for different applications.

What are the forms of Dry Ice?

Dry ice is produced in three forms:

Large Blocks

Small Cylindrical Pellets (13-16 mm diameter)

Tiny Cylindrical Pellets (3.2 mm diameter) 

Applications of Dry Ice


  • Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice is an effective way of cleaning machinery as it does not leave behind any residue. It is commonly used in factories, car service centers, the aviation industry, etc. They use a dry ice blasting machine to clean molds, pipes, technical equipment, etc. 

  • Cooling AgentDry ice cooling agent

Dry ice is used as a cooling agent in the food and beverage industry to preserve food items such as ice cream, meat, frozen items, etc. It is also used in the medical industry for preserving biological samples.

  • Fogging EffectDry ice fogging effect

Dry ice is used in theaters or entertainment hubs to create artificial fog. When dry ice is put in water, smoke is generated which gives a foggy effect. 

  • Plumbing

Dry ice is used to freeze water in pipes to enable plumbers to easily repair pipes, valves, etc. 

What is dry Ice Blasting?
Dry ice blasting machine

Dry ice blasting is a process in which solid carbon dioxide is sprayed in a pressurized air stream. The stream is directed towards the component which needs to be cleaned. The dry ice pellets hit the surface and then sublimate without leaving behind a residue. The dry ice pellets are quite soft and do not damage the surface of the component. Since it does not leave any residue behind, no after-cleaning is required on the surface. Hence, dry ice cleaning is an effective way of cleaning technical equipment in various industries. 

Dry Ice Blasting Advantages

Dry ice blasting offers several advantages and therefore is a preferred cleaning method in many industries. Some of its benefits include:

No Surface Damage

Since dry ice pellets are soft, they do not harm the surface of the equipment being cleaned. There are no cleaning marks or scratches as in the case of brushes or scrubbing. Hence, dry ice blasting results in clean and smooth surfaces. 

No Residue

Since dry ice sublimates into gas form, there is no residue left behind on the surface. Therefore, no after-cleaning or swiping is required after this process. 

Quicker Process
This is a quick cleaning process since it does not require much preparation or after cleaning. 
Environment Friendly

Since dry ice pellets are made from reclaimed carbon dioxide, they do not increase the level of CO2 in the environment. Also, since there is no waste material after this process, it does not create pollution.

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