Dry ice production
AMS Dry Ice,Dry ice supplier All You Need to Know About Dry Ice Production Machine

All You Need to Know About Dry Ice Production Machine

Dry ice production

Dry ice production machines are specialized pieces of equipment used to create dry ice, a form of carbon dioxide solid at temperatures of -78.5 degrees Celsius or lower. Dry ice is often used in food storage, medical and scientific applications, and theatrical or special effects. The machines used in dry ice production are usually heavy-duty, industrial-grade pieces of equipment that can handle high-pressure and extreme temperatures. They are usually constructed of stainless steel and other durable materials, and they are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Find out more about the dry ice production process below.

What is Dry Ice and Why is it Useful?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) which has a temperature of -109.3°F (-78.5°C). It is colder than regular ice and does not melt, instead, it sublimates from a solid to a gas. Dry ice is often used to keep food and other products cold during shipment and storage. It is used in the medical industry to preserve medical samples, vaccines, etc. It is also used in theatrical and special effects because of the fog or smoke-like vapor it produces when it sublimates. Additionally, it can be used to put out small fires or to clean equipment since it is non-toxic and leaves no residue. 

Step-by-Step Dry Ice Production Process

Dry ice is made by compressing and cooling carbon dioxide gas to create solid chunks or pellets of ice. A dry ice machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to create dry ice in a controlled and consistent manner. The machine works by first cooling the carbon dioxide gas to its critical point and then compressing it until it becomes a liquid. This liquid is then passed through an expansion chamber and quickly cooled until it turns into dry ice. The dry ice machine has a variety of features and settings that allow it to produce different sizes and shapes of dry ice and has several safety features to ensure it remains safe to use.

Find below the Dry Ice Production Process:

Step 1: Extracting Carbon Dioxide Rich Gases

Dry ice is formed with reclaimed carbon dioxide gas. In many industrial processes, carbon dioxide is released as a byproduct. For example, during the production of ammonia, an oil refinery, and fermentation, carbon dioxide is released as a byproduct. This carbon dioxide is used for producing dry ice. 

Step 2: Pressurising Carbon Dioxide for Liquification 

The carbon dioxide gas is pressurized and refrigerated to convert it into a liquid. On cooling, the gas converts into liquid form and then it is further cooled to form dry ice.

Step 3: Cooling Liquid Carbon Dioxide to Form Dry Ice

The liquid carbon dioxide is further cooled by reducing pressure. When the pressure is reduced, some of the liquid carbon dioxide will evaporate. It will further lower the temperature which will result in the solidification of carbon dioxide. Dry ice would be formed in snow-like consistency.

Step 4: Compressing Dry Ice to Form Blocks or Pellets

The snow-like dry ice is compressed into blocks or pellets using a compressing machine. These are then stored in thermal boxes to prevent them from heat. 

Several dry ice production machines are available in the market. Dry ice is formed into large blocks or pellets. Dry ice is stored or transported in thermal boxes to maintain its consistency. When exposed to heat, dry ice sublimates into gas. Hence, it is important to store it properly.

How to Properly Store Dry Ice?

Dry ice is an incredibly useful product that is made using a dry ice production machine. It can be used for a wide range of purposes and applications but must be handled properly to ensure its safety and maximize its life span. Although dry ice is non-toxic, it is extremely cold. Also, on exposure to heat, it will sublimate into gas form. Therefore, it is necessary to store it properly. Find below some tips to store dry ice properly:

  • Buy dry ice immediately before you require it. It helps in prolonging the life of dry ice because it starts sublimating as soon as it gets exposed.
  • Use a high-quality insulated container to store dry ice. It will help in storing dry ice for a longer period.
  • Keep the container closed as the dry ice will sublimate faster even if there is a small opening.
  • Use crumpled paper to fill the empty space in the container. It will slow down the sublimation process.
  • Do not expose the container to high temperatures as it will accelerate the sublimation process.

Proper storing and handling of dry ice help in prolonging its life. Dry ice has some unique properties which make it useful in various industries. 

AMS Dry Ice – Best Dry Ice Supplier in Delhi

AMS dry ice is a dry ice supplier in Delhi that provides high-quality pure dry ice. Dry ice is available in both blocks and pellets. They offer high-quality contract cleaning services for several industries. They also provide products used in dry ice cleaning including dry ice machines.

AMS Dry Ice offers the following products:

  • Dry Ice – Blocks and Pellets
  • Dry Ice Blasting Machine – AMS 16 and MD 16A
  • Dry Ice Thermal Boxes – 100Kg, 250Kg, 500Kg and 1000Kg

Visit or contact AMS Dry Ice in Delhi to get the best dry ice price for high-quality dry ice. 

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